What is the temperature? What should I wear?

Shown below are the monthly maximum and minimum air temperature and the precipitation rate in Chichijima, Ogasawara.


●What to wear
Throughout the year
Hats, long sleeve shirts, sunscreen for UV protection.
Rainwear if you are doing trekking.

December to March
On land: Warm enough for long sleeve T-shirts when the weather is nice, but gets chilly in the morning and after dark. Sometimes cold wind blows from the north. Be sure to have warm clothes, windbreaker or sweats.
In the ocean: Wet suit if you are swimming. The wind will be cold on a boat. Wind protecting jackets and sweats are needed.

April to May
On land: T-shirts on sunny days, light sweats for mornings, nights, and bad weathers. Bring long sleeve T-shirts, long pants for trekking.

In the ocean: Wetsuit. The weather is still cold, change to dry and warm clothes soon as getting out from the water. Wind protected jackets on boats.

June to September
On land: Summer wear. T-shirts and short pants. Be prepared to protect your skin from the sun. It`s very hot!

In the ocean: Swim wear. T-shirts or rash guards for UV protection. The water is sometimes cold.

October to November.
On land: T-shirts would be ok on sunny days. Long sleeve T-shirts or sweats in mornings and nights.

In the ocean: Rash guard, wet suit after mid November.