school of skin diving "Sumoguri no gakkou"

Ogasawara swim with dolphin tour of Skindiving school "Sumoguri no gakkou"
in English.
We have a charter boat tour speaking all in English.
We provide swim with dolphin, whale watching (humpback whale, sperm whale),
skin diving lesson, Minamijima trekking, and wreck snorkeling, cave,
fishes, coral, green turtle, manta, etc.

You can choice and order some of them because charter boat tour is
order-made tour.
We welcome your trip of family, couple, friends.
Have a fun!! ^^

*tour menu
-watching and swimming with dolphin / all year
-trekking "Minamijima" / all year excepting from November to January
-Humpback whale watching from December to May
-Sperm whale watching / all year
-watching and swimming with green turtle / all year
-fishing / all year
-swimming fishing / from June to Oct
-spear fishing / all year
-snorkel lesson / all year
-skin diving lesson / all year
-cave snorkeling / all year
-wreck snorkeling / all year

-snorkel set
-wet suits
-digital marine camera

*about ship
Albatros is name of the ship. 32ft, 15 person max, 90 hp outboard moter *
2, marine WC, ladder * 2, with AED, roof, chairs.

This is new ship made in Japan, on June 2015. maintained every month.

32 knot is max speed, fast, and comfortable.
This ship go like bird flying.

*about captain

Captain name is Yoshiaki Okazaki.
I live in Ogasawara from 2008.
My hobby is spear fishing.
I like skin diving, and spear fishing.
There is a time I do spear fishing every day.
So I know terrain detail in the sea of ogasawara.

I have took a journey many times abroad.
Especially I like Ireland.
I like Irish traditional music, and also I play guiter in the session.
English is not my mother language, but I like talking in English with
I hope you enjoy journey.

Yoshiaki Okazaki

school of skin diving

Basic information

Correspondence tour Whale Watching,Dolphin Watching & Swimming,Snorkeling,Sightseeing Boat Tour,Charter Boat,Forest Walking,Sunset & Night Tour
Language Japanese/English
TEL +81-4998-2-7775 / 090-4171-7093
Credit cards OK(MASTER・VISA)
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