Land Activities

Encounter with Mystery

Welcome to the New World

The expression “New World” suits the scenery of Ogasawara where the natural environment peculiar to the sea island remains since the dawn of history.
The wild forest is filled with surprise and excitement.

No entry to the lands other than public roads and public walks

Most of the national forests on Ogasawara Islands are designated as protected areas of forestry ecosystem. Entry to the lands other than the routes described on maps are prohibited, or tourists are obliged to be accompanied with guides.

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Forest Walking

Ogasawara Islands have never been a part of any continent. The plants and animals living on the islands have evolved after being carried by the ocean current, wind or birds. There are a lot of endemic species and the islands are full of natural treasury.

Trekking in the dense fern forests or watching the blue sea from the sheer cliffs, you can be an explorer on the solitary island. To find an appropriate course that match your skills and physical strength, choose from the planned tours offered by guides.

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Sunset & Night Tour

You cannot miss the night tours. In the night sky, you can clearly see shining stars and the Milky Way. You'll find dark green glow in the night forest - it's Green Pepe. If you in luck, you may be able to observe a Bonin flying fox, one of the endemic and protected species here.

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Star Watching

West side of the sky is filled with orange lights at sunset. People go out there and sink into the Pacific Ocean to watch the sky. The view of the sun from the small hills at night is superb!

You can feel solidarity with the nature at sunset sites. As soon as the sun sets, you are greeted with starry sky as the night comes. The Milky Way can be seen except for summer. Come out and watch the sky at night at 27° north.

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Historical Battle Site Tour

During World War II, small business town of kasahara was a site of the war against the U.S. Army. Chichijima and Mother Island was severely attacked. Many sacrificed their lives in Ioto, during desperate fights.

You can still see remains of the war in the island, such as air-raid shelters and cannons built by the Japanese Army. Visiting scenes of battles will remind you of the importance of the peace, and not to repeat the history.

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