Quiet areas away from Omura. Great locations for kicking back and relaxing.

The fee may vary based on the number of occupants per room, the rank of the room, time of the year, etc.
Please contact each hotel for inquiries and reservation. To find more information, click the name of a hotel.

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Hotel Name With Two Meals With Breakfast Bed Only
With Kitchen
Language Credit Card
1 Crescent - ¥8,000-15,000 ¥7,500-14,500 JP/EN -
2 Townhouse Mitsu - ¥7,000 ¥6,500 -
3 Log House Mer - ¥6,500-10,000 - JP/EN -
4 Hotel PAT INN - ¥9,000-14,000 - JP/Some EN OK
5 Pension FISH EYE ¥8,800-9,800 ¥7,800-8,800 ¥7,300-8,300 Japanese/SomeEnglish OK