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Chichijima Cottage

You can rent a cottage and have a luxurious time. We have log houses and also trailer houses with a wide deck. From the terrace you can see Futami Port, the night lights of Omura, and also the sky full of stars. (Each cottage has a dedicated car.)

・All room with bath or shower and toilet.
・All room have air-conditioning,TV,DVD player,kitchen,refrigerator,
pot,hair dryer.
・Coin laundry(¥200) *Trailer house have free washing machine
Shampoo and conditioner,Body wash,Bath towel
Chichijima Cottage

Basic Information

Language JP
Phone +81-4998-2-3038
FAX +81-4998-2-2231
Style Western style rooms(Futon or Bed)
Credit Card -
Web site (Japanese only)


With Two Meals -
With Breakfast -
Bed Only or With Kitchen ¥5,000-8,000


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