Visitor Center

An everlasting preserve

Ogasawara Visitor Center introduces you to Ogasawara's history and culture, with a focus on its natural resources.
There are displays, replicas and audio-visual aids to show and explain the unique history as a whale fishing base and occupied territory, as well as indigenous species of rare animals and plants only found here. You can enjoy learning about Ogasawara through quiz and other fun activities. Please visit here as a first step to get to know the Ogasawara.

Basic Information

Address 〒100-2101 Nishi-machi, Chichijima, Ogasawara-mura
Phone +81-4998-2-3001
Entrance Fee Free
Open On From the morning of Ogasawara-maru arrival date to the evening of the departure date
Closed On While Ogasawara-maru is away from Chichijima
Access 8-minute walk from Chichijima Futami Port

Access to Ogasawara Visitor Center