For those who are considering coming to Ogasawara Island. 【We ask you to refrain from coming.】


Novel Coronaviruses are raging around the world but here in Ogasawara Village, no suspected infection has been identified so far.

Ogasawara Village does not have a system to confirm Novel Coronavirus infections and there are also restrictions on the treatment of suspected infections. And it is also difficult to transport emergency patients to the mainland Japan.

So those who are considering coming to Ogasawara Island, we request your self-restraint.

In addition, this request is provisionally set till the ship departing Tokyo on May 8th.


For the visitors who has a plan to visit Ogasawara Island.

Please note that the travel agency, the accommodation and the tour guide where you made a reservation may ask you to reconsider coming to Ogasawara Island.
If you want to cancel the Ogasawara-maru boarding ticket due to self-restraint from the Novel Coronavirus, the cancellation fee will be free so offer it to the Ogasawara Kaiun Co., Ltd.


For the visitors who are considering to visit Ogasawara Island.

Please refrain from non-essential and non-urgent visiting Ogasawara Island and reconsider the right time to visit.



For those who needs to come to Ogasawara Island for work.

Inside the Ogasawara-maru , please cooperate with the following to prevent the spread of infection.

・wearing a facemask

・washing hands frequently

・alcohol disinfection

・keeping cough etiquette

・avoid staying at enclosed spaces

・avoid going to crowded areas

・speak to one another up close


We want to apologize from our heart for this request to person who was planning to visit Ogasawara Island on this occasion. When it becomes safe to visit, we will satisfy all visitors in all sincerity and hospitality.

We are sorry for troubling all visitors because Ogasawara Islands are remoted place and it takes 24 hours regular liner trip to visit here.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Ogasawaramura Tourist Association

Ogasawara Hahajima Tourist Association

Ogasawaramura Chamber of Commerce

Ogasawara Whale Watching Association