No camping in any part of the village.

There are about 60 hotels and accommodation facilities in Ogasawara, but they can become full depending on the time of the year. We recommend making reservation ahead of the time.

It tend to get especially crowded around Golden Week holidays (around April 29th - May 5th), summer vacation season in July and August (especially August 10th - 15th), and year-end/new year holidays (December 30th - January 3rd).

Ogasawara-Maru tickets and hotel rooms get sold out around these times. If you are planning to visit then, please make sure to have your reservation before coming to the Ogasawara.


City nearby Futami Port where the liner ship Ogasawara arrives.
Lively area with restaurants, markets and souvenir shops.


Quiet areas away from Omura. Great locations for kicking back and relaxing.


If you want to enjoy great outdoors of Ogasawara, leave the city and go out to the mountains and seaside.