About eco tourist

Eco-Tourism in Ogasawara

Ogasawara Village offers Eco-Tourism programs to protect and make possible the continued use of local natural resources and historical culture.

Ogasawara Country Code

  • Preserve Ogasawara for future generations
  • Never discard garbage. take it with you
  • Keep to the designated trails
  • Do not bring in, pick, capture, or remove plants or animals
  • Enjoy nature while being considerate to animal and plant life
  • Do not damage coral reefs and other unique terrain
  • Do not leave graffiti
  • No camping is allowed on any part of the island
  • Avoid driving; walk or cycle instead
  • Use water carefully and keep restroom and other public facilities clean

Help us prevent the intrusion of nonnative species

Please do not bring in plants or animals foreign to the Ogasawara Islands. Check the soles of your shoes, clothing and belongings for seeds and insects before entering the islands.

Local Measures

The Ogasawara Islands have a natural environment recognized as a World Natural Heritage Area; however, nonnative species from other areas brought in by travelers to the Ogasawara Islands greatly impacts the native species there. Therefore, the people of Ogasawara, local nonprofit organizations, the Ministry of the Environment, the Forestry Agency and Tokyo Metropolitan Government have worked together to implement initiatives toward cradicating nonnative species and preventing them from being brought to the Ogasawara Islands.