Sea of Ogasawara

The sea of Ogasawara is not only attractive from on the ground, but it is equally attractive in the sea. Black rock surface that falls sharply into the sea, Colorful coral reef and tropical fish, and A scene of a group come and go of bigeye trevally and dogtooth tuna etc.., the world of excitement is expanding.

More than 20 types of cetaceans are migrating around Ogasawara, and tursiops aduncus and spinner dolphins can be seen all year round distant. Also, It is also the largest breeding ground for green turtles in Japan. In the sea, you might be able to experience the grown green turtles pass through in front of you.

In the sea of Ogasawara, whale watching, dolphin swim&watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayak, and fishing etc.., Enjoy various activities.

※In Ogasawara, in addition to laws and regulations established by the government, each organization has its own rules. Follow the laws and rules to protect the natural environment.

Ogasawara rule book

Whale watching

As the largest animals in the world, the awe-inspiring stateliness and power of whales impresses us deeply. Tourists are treated to the sight of humpback whales between February and April, and sperm whales between May and November. Humpback whales in particular are a popular attraction on whale watching excursions in Ogasawara. Enjoy the sight of humpback whales breaching the ocean surface and hitting it with their pectoral and tail fins. It is also possible to whale watch from land on higher ground. Sperm whales, known to be the diving champions of marine life, can be found from approximately 10 to 30 km off-shore. They hold their tail fins high above the water and dive quietly into the deep ocean.


Wild dolphins swim in their home waters around the Ogasawara Islands all throughout the year. Enjoy watching spinner dolphins from a shipboard vantage point. You may be treated to forward, back or side spinning jumps. If you're lucky enough to encounter Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, you can take this opportunity to swim with dolphins. Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins are friendly and when they fell you can be trusted, they will come closer to you.

Green Sea Turtle

The Ogasawara Islands are the largest breeding ground for green turtles in Japan. Turtles lay eggs from June to July, and the eggs hatch around August and September.

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World Natural Heritage registration

The Ogasawara Islands were registered as a World Natural Heritage in June 2011.
For more information on the nature of Ogasawara Ogasawara Nature Information Center website.