Plants of Ogasawara

The Ogasawara Islands have never been a part of any continent. Plants and animals carried by ocean currents, winds and birds have evolved in unique ways here. A day spent trekking and hiking in the semitropical ddene fern forests and wild mountains while enjoying the unique animals, birds and plants will be filled with surprises and excitement.

Screw pine

This tree is the official tree of Ogasawara Village.
The Japanese name Takonoki(octopus tree) comes from the fact that its roots spread out like the legs of an octopus.

Hibiscus glaber

This flower blooms all year round.
The flowers are yellow in the morning and slowly change to red as the day ends.

Schima mertensiana

This flower is the official flower of Ogasawara Village.
The white flowers bloom all at once during early summer.

Cyathea mertensiana Copel

The name of this large fern, Maruhachi(circle eight), comes from its shape resembling an upside-down kanji character for "eight" in the center of the circle.

Animals of Ogasawara

Booby bird

A big bird with a wing spread up to 1.5m. Find flying fish and squid from the air, dive and prey.

Red Headed Woodpigeon

This bird is a large pigeon with a black metallic glossy body, reddish-purple head, and purplish-brown neek.

Our Picks For You

World Natural Heritage registration

The Ogasawara Islands were registered as a World Natural Heritage in June 2011.
For more information on the nature of Ogasawara Ogasawara Nature Information Center website.