Food of Ogasawara

Speaking of Ogasawara's local cuisine,“island sushi”. This is a kind of sushi topped with white meat fish, such as Spanish mackerel, and dipped in soy sauce. It is served with mustard instead of wasabi horseradish.

Also popular on the island is “Akaba soup”, which is A kind of blacktip grouper called Akiba by the islanders is cut into chunks and added to soup.

Agricultural crops that take advantage of the subtropical climate there are tropical fruits such as passion fruit, lemon, papaya, banana, Buntan and Carambola(Star fruit), in vegetables is tomatoes, cucumber, winged bean, okra etc. There are a variety of things that are familiar in the mainland, and things that are rarely seen.

Ogasawara tomato

Ogasawara Lemons

Passion Fruit

Winged Bean

Shima zushi

Akaba Miso Soup

Specialty goods of Ogasawara

In addition to many tropical fruits, Ogasawara special products include rum made from sugar cane and passion liqueurs made from rum and passion fruit. Rum has an alcohol content of 40 degrees, and during the season when passion fruit is harvested, some people divide the passion into two and pour the rum and drink with fruit.

Salt from the sea in Ogasawara is also popular as “Ogasawara salt”, and several types of island salt are sold on Chichijima alone. It is also recommended to eat freshly picked "Ogasawara tomatoes" with "Ogasawara salt"!

Processed fishery products such as Smoked tuna and octopus, sawara dried with mirin are manufactured by fishery cooperatives. You can also buy them all year, it is ready for seasoning as a sushi story.

Also, crafts are "Takonoha Creftwork". Weaving work unique to Ogasawara created with the leaves of the Screw pine. Regs and baskets that the first immigrants from Hawaii introduced were improved to become the craftwork of today.

Ogasawara Rum

Passion liqueur

Takonoha Craftwork

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World Natural Heritage registration

The Ogasawara Islands were registered as a World Natural Heritage in June 2011.
For more information on the nature of Ogasawara Ogasawara Nature Information Center website.