Chichijima Island Sightseeing Tour

Easy riding together tourism course : Sightseeing around the island while visiting the beautiful beaches, nature, observation decks, townscapes and villages. There are plenty of photo spots. Because there are few walks, safe for children.

Charter tourism course : Recommended for those who want to relax at their own pace. It can be operated according to the customer's plan such as time and place.

Use the license number of the MLIT. Please go out safe and secure.

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Even during non-peak seasons, activity reservations tend to be full early.
Please make an early plan / reservation.

Accommodation availability

For reservations and inquiries, please contact each guided tour trader directly.

※Please contact each trader directly for time and details.

※Prices may change during peak seasons.

About cancellation

Please confirm about cancellations when making a reservation.
Please read the “Cancellation Rules for Tours(Guide)” of Ogasawara Village Tourism Association.

Cancellation rules for tours(guides)

  • 大人ひとり分の料金です。子ども料金についてはお問い合わせください。
  • 時間:貸切の場合は約3時間。
  • 乗合観光バスは入港日のみ。その他日時は各最高業者ホームページ、又は電話にてお問い合わせ下さい。

Chichijima Island Sightseeing Tour

※Since prices may vary, please be sure to check with each company before applying.

Shop name
Price : 【乗合】島内周遊コース:4,000円(12歳未満 2,500円)
Time : 島内周遊コース 約2.5時間
Price : 乗り合い島内観光
1日コース ¥10,000(12歳未満¥6,000)
半日コース ¥6,000(12歳未満¥4,000)

1日貸切 ¥60,000(9名まで)
半日貸切 ¥30,000(9名まで)
Time : 一日コース
8:30~11:30 13:00~16:00
Price : 【乗り合い】(2名~)
1日:10,000円(子供 8,000円)※お土産付
半日:6,000円(子供 5,000円)※お土産付

6時間 72,000円、3時間36,000円~
Time : 【乗り合い】
1日 9:00 ~ 16:30頃
半日(入港日) 13:00 ~ 16:30
半日(出港日) 9:00 ~ 12:00
1日 9:00~16:00/3時間