History Gueded Tours

Ogasawara is far from the mainland. Who discovered these islands? And why did people live on this island? A new discovery tour that unraveles the unique history of Ogasawara and its mysteries. Learn about the history of Ogasawara and get in touch with culture and nature.

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For reservations and inquiries, please contact each guided tour trader directly.

※Please contact each trader directly for time and details.

※Prices may change during peak seasons.

About cancellation

Please confirm about cancellations when making a reservation.
Please read the “Cancellation Rules for Tours(Guide)” of Ogasawara Village Tourism Association.

Cancellation rules for tours(guides)

  • 大人ひとり分の料金です。子ども料金についてはお問い合わせください。
  • コースはガイドによって異なります。
  • 時間の目安
    1日コースの場合 9:00~16:00
    半日コースの場合 入港日:13:30~16:00 出港日:8:30~12:00
  • 持ち物等については、予約の際にご確認ください

History Gueded Tours

※Since prices may vary, please be sure to check with each company before applying.

Shop name
1day course fee
Half-day course fee
1day course fee : 10,000円
(子供 8,000円)
Half-day course fee : 6,000円
(子供 5,000円、幼児 2,500円)
Capacity : 9名
1day course fee : 9,000円
Half-day course fee : 5,000円
Capacity : 1~9名
1day course fee : 9,500円
(子供 6,650円)
Half-day course fee : 5,500円
(子供 3,850円)
Capacity : 9名(増員可)
1day course fee : -
Half-day course fee : 5,000円
Capacity : 1~8名
1day course fee : 9,500円
Half-day course fee : 6,000円
Capacity : 9名(増員可)