Turtle school

The Ogasawara Islands are the largest breeding ground for green turtles in Japan. We are working on the conservation of green turtle resources through the protection of eggs laid and the release of reared turtles. Take a lecture about green turtles to deepen your understanding of the marine environment and nature.

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  • 大人ひとり分の料金です。子ども料金についてはお問い合わせください。
  • 時間:出港日の9:00~11:00

Turtle school

※Since prices may vary, please be sure to check with each company before applying.

Shop name
Price : ① ウミガメ教室(2時間)¥3,480(¥2,480)
② ウミガメ教室(3時間)¥5,480(¥3,480)※夏季限定
③ 子ガメde Night!(1.5時間)¥3,980(¥2,980)※夏季限定
④ クジラ教室(1時間)¥2,200(¥1,100)※冬季限定
⑤ ウミガメ教室Lite(40分)¥1,980(¥1,480)※予約不要
⑥ Touch the EGG!(1時間)1組¥3,480 ※夏季限定、予約不要
Time : ①②入港日13:30~、出港日8:30~
Capacity :