Charter boat

If you want to enjoy the Ogasawara Sea freely, charter a boat. Cruising the open sea with your friends.

Dolphin watching, fishing, snorkeling and gathering shellfish can be enjoyed greedyly. You can enjoy the rough scenery of the rocks of the island and the sunset over the horizon until you reach your heart with a charter boat.

Call today!!

Even during non-peak seasons, activity reservations tend to be full early.
Please make an early plan / reservation.

Accommodation availability

For reservations and inquiries, please contact each guided tour trader directly.

※Please contact each trader directly for time and details.

※Prices may change during peak seasons.

About cancellation

Please confirm about cancellations when making a reservation.
Please read the “Cancellation Rules for Tours(Guide)” of Ogasawara Village Tourism Association.

Cancellation rules for tours(guides)


  • 1日貸切の場合 6時間
  • 半日貸切の場合 3時間

Charter boat

※Since prices may vary, please be sure to check with each company before applying.

Shop name
1day fee
Half-day fee
1day fee : 120,000円~
Half-day fee : 80,000円~
Capacity : 10名
1day fee : 77,000円
Half-day fee : 44,000円
Capacity : 10名
1day fee : ビートマスターIII:162,000円~
Half-day fee : 応相談
Capacity : 30名
1day fee : Turtlon:100,000円
Half-day fee : Turtlon:60,000円
Capacity : 12名
1day fee : 5名まで:58,000円 
Half-day fee : 5名まで1日:65,000円
Capacity : 12名
1day fee : 92,000円
Half-day fee : 55,000円
Capacity : 9名
1day fee : -
Half-day fee : 35,000円
Capacity : 5名
1day fee : 40,000円
Half-day fee : -
Capacity : 5名
1day fee : 応相談
Half-day fee : 応相談
Capacity : 42名
Reception time 7:00 ~ 20:00
1day fee : 応相談(目的・用途により割引有)
Half-day fee : 応相談(目的・用途により割引有)
Capacity : 30名
1day fee : 226,800円
Half-day fee : 113,400円
Capacity : 24名