Marine Activities

Deep Blue Paradise!

Well, whatsoever, the scale is incomparable.

You can feel the “earth” first before feeling the sea.It is the big panorama of Ogasawara.

No entry to the lands other than public roads and public walks

Most of the national forests on Ogasawara Islands are designated as protected areas of forestry ecosystem. Entry to the lands other than the routes described on maps are prohibited, or tourists are obliged to be accompanied with guides.

Activity Provider List Ogasawara County Code

Whale watching

On the other hand, there is a mysterious creature with a regal presence and overwhelming impact and that is the whale. How about going out to the Garden of the Gods from December to April for the best chance to see humpback whales and listen to their song, and alternately from May to November, if can see sperm whales which dive into the deep to get food and then rest near the surface of the water.

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Dolphin Watching & Swimming

The Garden of the Gods is an appropriate name for the Pacific Ocean. Dolphin Swim & Watching allows you to approach to the wild dolphins playing in this garden. You can observe the dolphins in the deepblue sea. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to share some time with the dolphins. I f the dolphins are comfortable with your presence, they may approach you.

Spinner Dolphins are good at jumping and Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins like to play with people. When you look into their friendly eyes, you’ll feel the connection.

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Diving & Snorkeling

Transparent and cobalt-blue sea of Ogasawara Islands. You can enjoy the dynamic scene of the colorful coral reef, tropical fish or migration of big fish. This is the only sea that is affected by the ocean currenta from Micronesia . Wroughtiron Butterflyfish, rarely seen except surrounding Ogasawara and Hachijojima, is a must-see, and you may be able to see the sea turtle.

There are various diving spots with Chichijima as the main spot. In Maguro Ana of Yomejima, you may be surrounded by a school of dogtooth tuna from summer to fall. In Yonhoniwa spot of Hahajima, you can see the migration of large schools of big dogtooth tuna. Diving fans will want to dive in Blue ribbon popular with t h e beautiful coralreef and

Nishibana in Mukoujima where they can see the big migratory fish. Ogasawara Islands is the biggest breeding grounds of the Green Turtle in Japan from February to August.

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Sea Kayak

Why not set off on a sea adventure in an eco-friendly sea kayak? You can skim across the dark blue sea by yourself comfortably. As the sea is transparent, you can observe the colorful fish and coral from above.

Sea kayaks are easy to ride. Some beaches are difficult to access without a sea kayak.

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Anglers cannot resist big-game fishing , like fishing for spotted knifejaw from rocks along the seacoast or amberjack on the sea.

Other than these, you can enjoy fishing white trevally, yellow-edged lyretail, lavender jobfish, or black trevally

Even beginners can easily catch bigeye scad or white trevally from the breakwater with using rented gear.

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